European Grants

CBC counsels companies and research institutions on how their business or start-up ideas can be financed.

The EU provides funding in the form of loans and grants for a broad range of projects and programs covering areas such as business, education, health, consumer protection, environmental protection and humanitarian aid.

We are helping our clients with:

  • Funding check - by identifying suitable funding programs;
  • Proposal writing - creation of project outline and full proposal;
  • Grant coordination - coordination of grant applications;
  • Start-Up and Corporate financing - development of business- and financial strategies;
  • Project Management - we take care of the administration of your funded project.
  • Services

    Business Consulting

    We work with clients across industries to increase profitability, accelerate revenue growth, and future-proof business models. Our experts rethink business models and processes to ensure relevance in the new digital world. We use Digital Intelligence to create clear, implementable and measurable roadmaps for transformation for ever-evolving business needs.

    European Grants

    Do you have a project idea, but you don’t have resources to implement it? Have you heard of European Grants or state aid, but do not know how to get them? Our dedicated EU grants service team works closely with customers to develop applications and improve the chances of obtaining the requested funding.

    Digital transformation

    In order to address our client’s needs of re-engineering and optimization of the F&A processes, refocus of human capital on strategic activities and position the company for ongoing process improvement, we use robotics, data and analytics, human intelligence and machine intelligence, to drive and implement Digital Intelligence.

    Process Management

    By using different types of technology, we can improve processes, reducing consumption and costs, increasing productivity, reducing delivery times, increasing flexibility in meeting customer requirements, etc. - all these improvements have the effect of increasing competitiveness

    About us

    CBC is based on the experience and abilities of a team with experience both on the Romanian market and on the international market.

    We continually try to meet the needs of your organization, instead of letting our services dictate what we can do.

    We rely on simple and efficient collaboration, providing details and explanations on everyone's interest.

    In order to deliver complete and personalized solutions, we work in collaboration with other organizations and individuals, thus expanding our coverage and expertise.

    We encourage entrepreneurship, so if you have a business idea and you think you need help with the beginning, we're here to support you.


    Together, we will create a solid foundation ready for growth.

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    Maria Sandu

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